Stephen Bobowski puts his arm around Juan Vasquez's shoulders. (Photo: Liesl Nielsen,

Utah man who spent a lifetime looking for his father found him living 10 minutes away

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SOUTH JORDAN — As a child growing up in Panama, Juan Vasquez didn’t wonder too much about his father.

He knew his parents had met at a dance club while his dad was stationed by the United States Army in the small Central American country, but the only information his mother had about her mysterious dance partner was a first name, Stephen, and a picture. Certainly not enough to even begin a search.

When Vasquez was 9 years old, his mother married a civil serviceman who brought them back with him to the United States. As Vasquez grew, his father began to cross his mind with more frequency.

“Once I became a father in my early 20s, I would occasionally wonder where he was, or if he would have given me advice about being a new dad. As I got older, I thought about him more: who he was, what he did for a living, if we had similar interests and traits, or if he was even still alive,” Vasquez said.

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