South Jordan General Plan For Development And Growth

in South Jordan

There was a presentation of the draft General Plan for future planned development to the South Jordan City Council meeting on Jan 7. This plan has been in the making beginning in August 2018 and is nearing completion.

Representatives from the consultant, Logan-Simpson, presented the plan to the city council. This plan is required by Utah State law, and without this in place it is difficult to get specific code changes proposed by landowners approved by the city council. A public hearing was opened at the council meeting; however, there was no input by any residents. There was no action taken on this plan at this meeting, and there will be an additional public hearing on this plan during the Jan. 21council meeting.

“I believe that this plan reflects a lot of input from the citizens,” Planning Director Steven Schaefermeyer said as he was introducing the plan. “Some of them may not see what their input was in the plan, and there is definitely a balance to as to how to capture what the public is presenting.”

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