Outbreaks and masks: Which Salt Lake County workers are most at risk and where customers are covering up

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Where is the virus hiding?

That’s been a consistent question during the pandemic, as we all try to balance our desire for normalcy with the risk that we could get sick. What kind of situations are likely to spread the virus, and which are more likely to be benign?

Sure, we know that staying socially distanced is important, that enclosed places and tight spaces aren’t good, and that masks should be worn in public. But beyond that, details have been sparse — we’ve learned about two Utah County businesses with coronavirus outbreaks and the meatpacking plant in Cache County, but not much more.

To give people more information, the Salt Lake County Health Department updated its coronavirus dashboard this week, including information on what types of businesses are more likely to see an outbreak. The county also released the results of a mask study, in which officials observed 55 businesses to track how well customers followed the mandatory mask order.

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