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Jordan Ridge ALPS program to move, boundaries will realign so South Jordan Elementary can move to traditional calendar

in Jordan School District

It was a room divided.

South Jordan Elementary parents pointed out their school has eight portables because it’s overcrowded with 1,060 students. They were promised a traditional schedule as year-round conflicted with other children’s schools as well as day care and summer camp options.

A proposal, amongst many, on the table was to move about 200 South Jordan Elementary students to Jordan Ridge. Jordan Ridge’s 180 ALPS (Advanced Learning Placement for Students, a gifted and talented magnet program that serves high-ability students) students then would be moved to a school within the Jordan School District that has space. The move would take place for the 2021-22 school year and allow South Jordan Elementary to switch to a traditional school calendar.

Jordan Ridge parents said that their ALPS children are woven into the very fabric of that school and helped to shape many of the extra-curriculum learning opportunities. Some pointed out they bought their homes in South Jordan to allow their children to attend the ALPS school.

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