Jordan District Teachers Finding Creative Solutions For Teaching During A Pandemic

in Jordan School District

Teachers are finding creative ways to implement the Jordan School District Re-Opening plan.


Though it has been several months of living with COVID-19, social distancing still does not come naturally, especially for children. Teachers have created ways to encourage students to social distance.

Rachel Rose, a sixth grade teacher at Midas Creek Elementary, numbered her classroom coat hooks with consecutive numbers on opposite ends of the rack—No. 1 is the very left of the rack and No. 2 is the very right.

“When I let them in in the morning, I will have them come in by twos and hang up their backpack and coats, and they will be on opposite ends of each other,” Rose said. “Hopefully that helps with crowding while hanging up or grabbing their stuff.”

At Mountain Point Elementary, colorful numbered dots on the ground and on the walls remind students to space themselves while lining up. To alleviate congestion in the mornings, students have a chose to stay outside or to go inside and sit on their numbered dot until the bell rings.

In the cafeteria, numbers are stenciled on benches to give students more room and to be offset of those on the other side of the table.

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