Source: Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News

Is the Megaplex experiment working?

in South Jordan

SOUTH JORDAN — I walked into the Megaplex Theatres at the District in South Jordan on a recent Saturday night to feel a sense of normalcy. A waft of popcorn, salt and butter crashed on me like a wave. It was a smell I had not experienced since March.

I stood in the lobby and looked around to see a closed food court, normally bustling with hustling employees cooking meals. A “Mulan” poster hung on the back wall like a framed painting in a haunted house. The rolling audio of upcoming movie trailers lingered about like haunting memories of what once was, and what is to come, all at once.

A touch of sadness filled me. I’m not ready to see a movie in a theater yet. And I probably won’t until the pandemic ends, or until there’s a vaccine. But standing there — in an empty lobby that would normally be bustling with the electric energy of a Saturday night — it made me wonder if Megaplex, which opened its doors during the pandemic, has found any success with its decision to reopen early — ahead of the major players.

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