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South Jordan General Plan For Development And Growth

There was a presentation of the draft General Plan for future planned development to the South Jordan City Council meeting on Jan 7. This plan has been in the making beginning in August 2018 and is nearing completion. Representatives from the consultant, Logan-Simpson, presented the plan to the city council. This plan is required by… Keep Reading

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Daybreak HOA raises monthly payment 100% to cover building defects

SOUTH JORDAN — Some residents in Daybreak have been given notice of a 100 percent increase in HOA fees, starting in February. The Eastlake Village Condominium Owners’ Association mailed out notices to residents about the increase and held a meeting Wednesday night. The increase stems from a lawsuit the HOA filed against the homes’ builders… Keep Reading

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Duck Donuts has arrived in Utah!

If you’ve lived on the east coast, you’re probably a fan of Duck Donuts. Now locals get to experience these delicious and decadent treats! South Jordan is now home to a new shop that just opened on Saturday! You won’t believe how good it smells when you walk in. Continue Reading on abc4 Keep Reading

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The first human powered arcade, Labyrinth!

If an escape room and a video game had a baby, it would be Labyrinth. Or rather, 52 babies, since that’s how many rooms Labyrinth Reality Games in South Jordan has to offer! A massive space, each room is a puzzle that tests your body and mind. Come with a team of at least three,… Keep Reading

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Ignoring The Signs: Residential Road Violations Putting Kids At Risk

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah – Just down the street from a popular South Jordan ice cream shop is Harvest Point Drive. If you’ve ever driven it, you know there are kids just about everywhere. Kids playing, kids screaming and sometimes, kids venturing out into the street. This suburban neighborhood is like most in Utah. Residents are kind,… Keep Reading

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Two Salt Lake County cities are no longer accepting paper-based products in recycling bins

Facing changing global conditions, two southern Salt Lake County cities have made changes to their recycling services in an effort to reduce contamination in their waste streams. Draper and Midvale no longer are accepting a host of paper-based products, including cereal boxes, office paper, newspapers, magazines, junk mail, phone books, cardboard, brown paper bags and… Keep Reading