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Don’t forget about flu shots: Utah family warning others after 5-year-old hospitalized

SOUTH JORDAN — In January, KSL told the story of a South Jordan girl who found herself fighting for her life after severe flu complications. Five-year-old Sunday Gonzales is affectionately called ‘Sunny” — and her name says it all. “She makes life bright and fun,” her father, Joseph Gonzales, said. But during her 13-day stay in the… Keep Reading

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Salt Lake Co. works to protect homeless during coronavirus pandemic

SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Salt Lake County officials are working to protect their vulnerable population in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Officials with Salt Lake County say they are working diligently in partnership with Salt Lake City, the state, service providers, the Salt Lake Valley Coalition to End Homelessness, and other partners, to… Keep Reading

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Why are people hoarding toilet paper? It may be human nature

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah –Grocery stores have been wiped out of their toilet paper in stock recently. Log onto any social media site and certainly pictures of empty shelves will begin popping up. Toilet paper panic Those working in the trenches are feeling the pressure too. Continue Reading on Keep Reading

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Utah now has 39 confirmed cases of coronavirus

SALT LAKE CITY — The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Utah has risen to 39, health officials said Monday. That number is up from 28 cases on Sunday. Tooele and Wasatch counties both announced their first cases of the virus on Monday. Health officials believe the Wasatch case — a student at Wasatch… Keep Reading

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Construction begins on new South Jordan school

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah – Construction has begun on South Jordan’s newest school with even more schools in the works for the Daybreak area. Construction officially began this week on Utah’s newest elementary school coming to the Daybreak area — which district leaders believe will help them to keep up with growth in the area. Continue… Keep Reading

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How to handle an emergency without hoarding

SALT LAKE CITY – Emergency managers are urging people to find a balance when purchasing supplies to prepare for the COVID-19 outbreak. “Instead of being in a response mode, we are in a prevention mitigation mode. We are trying to reduce the impact before it happens,” said Salt Lake County emergency manager, Clint Mecham. “It’s… Keep Reading

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Utah grocery stores rush to restock shelves

SOUTH JORDAN — Utah grocery stores were struggling to keep up with people who are stocking up with supplies amid the coronavirus pandemic. “It was mayhem — definitely,” said South Jordan resident Jennifer Smith. “All the shelves are completely bare. No toilet paper. No sanitary wipes. No nothing.” Many were concerned not just about the… Keep Reading

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Utahns flock to grocery stores as coronavirus outbreak continues

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah — Across Utah, shoppers continue clearing stores of water, toilet paper and other items over fears of COVID-19. Thursday morning, customers made a rush at several stores that resembled Black Friday. In the first 30 minutes, nearly 1,200 people poured into the South Jordan Costco — up about 450% over a regular… Keep Reading

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‘A target for hackers’ Utah CEO says he welcomes audit after concerns over public privacy

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah (KUTV) — A Utah company is facing national scrutiny over its artificial intelligence that monitors live traffic cameras, dispatch logs and social media to help first responders. Banjo, under contract for $20.7 million with the state of Utah , is currently partnering with about 20 cities and counties in the state and is working to… Keep Reading